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A Brewery Experience Day
Ever wanted to know how a beer ends up so glorious? Then join us on a Brewery Experience Day where you can brew with our Head Brewer, Leo, at our microbrewery in Arch2, Ouseburn.

Not only will you find it fascinating, it’s great fun as well and if you love beer, well, you’ll certainly enjoy the generous beer tastings throughout the day.

There will be plenty of opportunities to learn all about beer and brewing as you participate in the process. And we’ll guide you through the 15+ grains we use and the 17+ hops from 3 continents that we combine to create our unique flavours.

The day begins at 10am with a cuppa and an introduction to the day. Then its straight into the process; mashing in, where you weigh out the milled grains and mix them with the heated water.

There’ll be plenty of breaks during the day in depth explanations and questions, and of course for eating and sampling our beers.

We’ll finish around 5pm with clean up after you’ve been through all the stages of the brewing process including measuring out and adding the hops, and have the days output safely pumped into the fermenter with the yeast needed to convert the sugars to alcohol.

Price: £65.00 per person.

If you’ve got a Brewery Day Experience Gift Card or want more information, email Leo now or call him on 07446 011941.